The Walt Disney world park

Beat The Heat This Summer With Places To Visit In Florida

Shakespeare once compared his lady to a summer’s day. Such was the romanticised manifestation of summer days and starlit evenings during the renaissance. Decades have passed, societies have changed but the feel which summer days used to bring hasn’t faded a bit.  Especially when you are spending this king of season in the ‘city of beautiful’ Orlando be rest assured you are about to have the time of life.

Places to visit in Orlando

Orlando the city in Florida State is also nicknamed as the ‘theme park capital of the world’. The city is one the biggest tourist hits in the globe. Reportedly in the year of 2016 the city drew around 72 million tourists. Here are few top must-visit places:

1. The Walt Disney world park

Begin your trip with the Disney magic. In fact amongst the four parks magic kingdom is the home from where the Disney magic begins. From Cinderella’s Palace to statues of Mary Poppins, Belle everything is present here.

The Walt Disney world park

2. Universal theme park

Experience film-making in Universal studios theme parks. The 7 themed islands will teleport you to the world of Jurassic parks, skull islands, lost continent, marvel studios world of superheroes and the Wizarding world of Harry Potter

Universal theme park

3. SeaWorld

After a world of fantasy, how about stepping into a large aquarium park where you can pet, interact with the humans of sea the dolphins or go on a safari to visit whales, sharks, penguins and other aqua creatures.


4. Discovery Cove

Dive in and see the real underwater life with diatoms, coral reefs, stingrays. Or just sit around in aviary relaxing your way with humming and chirping.

Discovery cove

5. Typhoon lagoon

Disney’s biggest and most popular water park is a must visit when you are in Florida. From adventure rides and surfing to thrill rides like HamungaKowbanga, get ready for a complete experience

Typhoon lagoon

6. Volcano bay

Universal studios water theme park is volcano bay. Come here and experience how technology can be blended in with adventures presenting thrill rides

Volcano bay

7. Kennedy space Centre visitors complex

Without a visit to NASAs most decorated space centre Florida is incomplete. See the astronauts Hall of fame, the rocket garden with Apollo and Gemini and get glimpses of astronaut training programs as well as different experiments.

Kennedy space Centre visitors complex

8. Orlando science centre

A bit science nerdiness should be the icing in the summer trip cake. Get nits and grits of scientific trivia from a multitude of branches

Orlando science centre

The kingdom of chocolates: The Golden Pod

A trip cycle gets completed with enticing food. The Golden Pod is famous as a chocolate bar in the entire city. Taking its first step in 2006 in Australia they spread the chocolatey form of love worldwide and finally anchored in Orlando in 2018.

Best Dining Restaurant on International Drive Orlando

With their long menu covering all meals of days you are sure to be spoilt for choices. Start your breakfast with satiating on super bowls, or complete platters, munch on pizzas, chickens and fishes for lunch while sip your afternoon mock tails, end treat yourself in dinner with salads, burgers and a pint of house special beer. Don’t forget to keep the special hand crafted chocolates with each meal.

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